Concept of Operations: Relating to the introduction of a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System

4.3.7 Pathology Result Reports

The PCEHR System will support collection of Pathology Result Reports.

An essential requirement of the PCEHR System is to ensure that appropriate Pathology Result Reports are released to the PCEHR System after a healthcare provider has reviewed them, as per current clinical practice.

In the context of the PCEHR System, Pathology Result Reports will still be sent to the requestor and other intended recipients directly, who will review and then have the option of sending a message to the pathology provider indicating the result is to be made available to the PCEHR System. Healthcare providers who have requested a copy of the result report directly will also be able to authorise the release of the result report.

At this point the pathology provider’s system will either:
  • Inform the PCEHR System that a new Pathology Result Report is available on the pathology provider’s conformant repository and should be indexed; or
  • Send a copy of the Pathology Result Report to another conformant repository.

Scope Notes: From July 1 2012, the PCEHR System will have the capability to index pathology result reports held in conformant repositories. The most recent pathology funding agreement aims to have pathology results available from large private sector laboratories by 30 June 2013 and other providers by 30 June 2014 [DOHA2011d].

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