Draft Concept of Operations Feedback Analysis Report

5 Next Steps

The final version of the ConOps will be a high level reference document for the PCEHR System and will be used to undertake detailed design and implementation of the PCEHR System. Many points raised in the public consultation process related to the detail of implementing the PCEHR System have been considered as part of the work that is currently being done on detailed design. A National Infrastructure Partner contracted by the Commonwealth will construct the core system for implementation by June 2012. As part of the PCEHR program, eHealth lead implementation sites have been established around Australia to deploy components of electronic health record systems. These eHealth sites provide valuable learning to inform the design and implementation of the national PCEHR System.

DoHA and NEHTA will continue to actively engage in a process of ongoing consultation with key stakeholder groups, including consumers, healthcare providers, the ICT industry, and State and Territory Governments on aspects of the PCEHR System.

Governance arrangements and supporting legislation

Key issues from the ConOps public consultation process that relate to the long–term governance and sustainability of the PCEHR System, or to legislation associated with the PCEHR System, and issues such as access control, security and privacy, are being considered as part of the PCEHR legislative development process. Privacy and security of information contained within the PCEHR System will be protected through a combination of technical, governance and legislative arrangements.

Change and Adoption

Issues such as education of healthcare providers and consumers, which were raised in the ConOps public consultation process, will be addressed through delivery of change and adoption activities. This includes implementation of a portal with key guidance and training material for healthcare providers and consumers; and leveraging of leading industry knowledge and capability to inform the rollout of the PCEHR System.

Benefits and Evaluation

A benefits and evaluation framework will support the realisation of defined benefits and objectives for the PCEHR program, through delivery of monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation capabilities for the whole PCEHR program. Feedback from the ConOps public consultation process will be analysed as part of the Benefits and Evaluation process and be used to seek evidence to address relevant cases raised by stakeholders.

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