Draft Concept of Operations Feedback Analysis Report

4.5 Long term governance and sustainability

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4.5.1 Description

Questions were raised regarding the governance of the PCEHR, in particular the ongoing governance and support for the PCEHR System beyond 30 June 2012. Some submissions sought additional details about the strategies which will be used to ensure the sustainability of the PCEHR.

4.5.2 Key points

1. Government support
  • Concerns were raised that the PCEHR will not be adequately supported post 30 June 2012
  • Requests were made for further information regarding ongoing funding plans for the PCEHR System
2. Consumer and healthcare professional support
  • A number of submissions expressed interest in how the ongoing consumer support requirements (e.g. call centres, management systems) will be managed post 30 June 2012
  • Questions were raised about the potential ongoing funding allocated for the remuneration of healthcare professionals who will be impacted by the PCEHR System
3. Sustainability
  • Uncertainty was expressed about who will be managing the systems and services (including data management and ownership) of the PCEHR System post 30 June 2012
  • Additional detail was sought about plans for ongoing consultation by the Federal Government with stakeholder groups
  • A number of submissions noted that most healthcare professionals already use a health information management system. The opinion was expressed that unless the PCHER System obtains a large consumer base, some of these healthcare professionals may choose not to participate in the PCEHR System

4.5.3 PCEHR program position

Based on the feedback received during the public consultation process the following changes have been applied to the ConOps:
  • Long Term Governance and Sustainability are being considered by Government – Governance has also been a subject of public consultation within the Legislation Issues Paper which closed on August 3, 2011. Submissions resulting from this consultation are being considered by DoHA. The ConOps section relating to governance has been updated to align with the Legislation Issues Paper.

Key issues from the ConOps public consultation process relating to the long–term governance and sustainability of the PCEHR System are being considered as part of the PCEHR legislative development process and in consultation with State and Territory Governments. The outcomes of this consultation process will be advised in the coming months.
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