Draft Concept of Operations Feedback Analysis Report

4.13 Education of stakeholders

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4.13.1 Description

Some submissions listed questions regarding the stakeholder education strategy as well as requests for clarification about how it would be tailored for each stakeholder group (e.g. members of the public, healthcare bodies) and consumer demographic (e.g. rural areas, mental health consumers).

4.13.2 Key points

    1. Clarification of education strategy details
      • Several submissions sought further details about the stakeholder education strategy and how and when it would be rolled out to the general public
      • A number of submissions requested confirmation of the funding allocated for stakeholder engagement and training
    2. Targeted education strategy
      • As the PCEHR System will be utilised by a range of diverse stakeholder groups, some submissions sought clarification that training programs would reflect the specific needs of the end user
      • Several submissions highlighted the importance of stakeholder involvement and acceptance, and suggested that this could be generated by targeted media campaigns and education workshops

4.13.3 PCEHR program position

Work being undertaken by the PCEHR program’s benefits realisation work stream and its change and adoption work stream will address the strategy to be employed for PCEHR System stakeholder education, and the development and implementation of appropriate training materials. It is expected that education will be achieved through training mediums such as:
    • Communication (e.g. information brochures and the media)
    • Web-based training
    • Events
    • On-call support

Training will address the level of involvement and contribution of all stakeholder groups. The change and adoption work stream will take into consideration a range of diverse stakeholder groups to deliver an education strategy that is well defined in regard to approach, requirements and timeline.

In the coming months, a PCEHR portal will be launched as a key communication platform for delivering education material and information about the PCEHR System. More information relating to this and education more generally, will be forthcoming through these work streams at a later point in time in consultation with the National Change and Adoption Partner.
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